Set and setting

The set and setting are very important aspects for tripping. A bad set or setting can pretty much ruin your trip.

The set

The “set” means the mindset and physical condition while tripping. Make sure you’re feeling good before you go tripping. Having a depressed mood or is there something in your life that’s making you feel bad? Reconsider the use of psychedelic drugs and wait for a better time.

The same applies to physical ailments; if you’re sick, for example, having cold etc. then you can better wait until you feel fit, because it could bother you in your trip.

The setting

The setting are the circumstances in which you trip, such as the location. Make sure you feel comfortable and familiar at the strip location. If you’re a novice psychonaut, then tripping at your own home is the best choice.

When tripping outside or in a foreign/ new location, be aware that you can come across other people or may end up in situations that disrupt your trip. Especially at times like that it is wise to have a trip sitter around to keep your trip fun and positive.