Dosage mushrooms

The general dosage of magic mushrooms is between 10 and 15 grams of fresh mushrooms. Are you tripping for the first time then we recommend you start with a low dose of ± 7-8 grams, so you can get used to the hallucinogenic effect. Have dried mushrooms? Magic mushrooms consist 90% of moisture, so the dried / fresh ratio is 1:10, 10 grams of fresh mushrooms is therefore equal to 1 gram of dried mushrooms.

As a novice psychonaut always start with mushrooms of a milder strain.

Dosage magic truffles

A normal dosage truffles is generally 15 grams. Are you a starting tripper then we recommend that you choose a mild truffle species and not take more than 10 grams, so you can calmly experience the mind-altering effects of truffles without being thrown into the deep.

Both with magic truffles as mushrooms consider; please don’t use a high dose or strong strain when you’re just starting with psychedelics and do not combine with the use of other substances such as alcohol or drugs. You’re better of having a soft start then a rough one.