Using hallucinogens

Set and setting

The set and setting are very important aspects for tripping. A bad set or setting can pretty much ruin your trip. The set The "set" means the mindset and physical condition while tripping. Make sure you're feeling good before you go tripping. Having a depressed mood or is there something in your life that's making you feel bad? Reconsider the use of psyc… Read more »


Dosage mushrooms The general dosage of magic mushrooms is between 10 and 15 grams of fresh mushrooms. Are you tripping for the first time then we recommend you start with a low dose of ± 7-8 grams, so you can get used to the hallucinogenic effect. Have dried mushrooms? Magic mushrooms consist 90% of moisture, so the dried / fresh ratio is 1:10, 10 grams of… Read more »