Truffle growkit manual

The grow kit comes ready-made.

The magic truffle growkit is delivered complete including fully grown truffles, so you don’t have to worry about the growing process, you can start harvesting immediately.
Use the cover as a mini-colander.
The top of the orange container of the grow kit can be used as a colander, so you can easily rinse the truffles.
Place the substrate in the colander.
The substrate has served as a breeding ground for the fungus forms the sclerotia. In order to harvest the magic truffles, the substrate must be washed away leaving only the truffles. Take the substrate from the transparent plastic container and put it in the strainer lid.
Break the substrate into pieces.
The substrate is quite solid, break it into pieces first using your fingers so that you can easily wash it away.
Rinse until only the truffles remain.
Hold the colander under cold running water to rinse off the excess substrate. Break large chunks of substrate with your fingers to accelerate cleaning.
Pro-tip: use an extra colander.
If your plumming gets blocked easily or you just don’t like the mess, use a 2nd colander to catch the eroded remnants so they do not end up in your sink drain.
Done! You can use fresh truffles directly or store them for 1 to 2 weeks in the refrigerator. In that case dry off the truffles an store them between some paper towels so they don’t get too moist. Want to keep the truffles for a longer time, consider drying them, dried truffles can be stored for months.