Shroom growkit manual

The Fresh Mushrooms grow kits are very easy to use and, unlike other growkits, are fully grown with mycelium on delivery. This allows little go wrong during the cultivation process and makes it easy and quick to harvest many mushrooms.

Follow these steps to immediately begin growing.

  • Step 1 The unpacking

    Take the kit, plastic bag and paperclips out of the box. Remove the lid of the plastic container and rinse the cover well under running water. Keep the lid, you’ll need it for the next harvest.

  • Step 2 The growkit set up

    Place the supplied plastic bag on a flat surface, the side with the micro perforations up. Slide the growkit (without lid) through the opening all the way into the bag. Then fold up the excess part of the bag and secure it with the paper clips supplied. In contrast to other growking methods, there is no need to leave excess space in the nursery bag, the growkit should be completely snug. (See photo below)

  • Step 3

    When you see the first buds you can put the growkit upright in the grow bag. Do not water the growkit. The first buttons will be visible after about a week.

  • The right location

    Put the kit in a place with plenty of daylight and a temperature between 18°C to 28°C. Make sure the growkit is never placed in direct sunlight, it can cause irreparable damage to the kit.

    Although mushrooms grow at virtually any temperature above 15°C, 23°C is the ideal temperature for maximum harvest. If you’re going to grow the mushrooms in a cooler space or you want to make sure the growkit always stays at the right temperature, buy a heatmat to keep the kit warm.

    Open the bag a little bit from this moment on, so excess moisture can evaporate. Do not give the growkit extra water during this step either. The mushrooms will normally be fully grown a week after the first buds appear.

  • Step 4 Harvesting

    When the mushrooms are grown the cap of the mushroom begins to open, the membrane on the underside of the cap starts to tear. This is the perfect time to harvest the mushrooms.

    Move the growkit out of the grow bag and harvest all mushrooms at once, even the immature, so the kit is completely empty. Pick the mushrooms by grasping them at the bottom of the stem and pulling with a slight twisting motion. Don’t pull too hard, it could damage the kit.

  • Step 5 The coldshock

    Make sure the grow kit is empty and all the mushrooms are removed, remaining residue can make the kit rot. Then it’s time to make the grow kit ready for the next harvest. Fill the plastic container of the growkit completely with clean, cold tap water. This allows the mycelium to absorb enough water and makes it ready to reform mushrooms.

  • Step 6 The restart

    Place the lid back on the kit and let it rest for at least 12 hours. Then open a corner of the lid and drain excess water. After that you can start again at Step 1 and begin the next harvest. This process can be repeated several times until the kit is exhausted.