Shroom growkits

Growing magic mushrooms at home is easy with these ready-made shroom growkits. All supplies needed are included in the growkit, within a few weeks you can harvest your home-grown mushrooms. See the manual for more information about the cultivation process.

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Magic truffles

Made with ❤️ in Holland. This underground brother of the magic mushroom is formed by the same fungus that produces shrooms and contains the same psychoactive substances. The trip is similar to a mushroom trip, but has a milder kick-in.

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Magic truffle growkits

Growing magic truffles is a process which takes several months, but, to save you the long wait these growkits are full grown on delivery! You'll only have to harvest the already matured truffles from the kit. The big advantage is that the kit has a long shelf-life, so you'll always have fresh truffles at hand.

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